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(currently divided into five volumes)

Table of contents as of 05 July 2017:


What is tube piecing 6
Outline of the method and vocabulary 6
On strip cutting and on bias facts of life 7
Tip angle 7
Scooting offset 9
A note on precision in scooting and sewing 10
Finishing pre-tubes 11
Converting a pre-tube into a tube 11
On the pressing of tubes 12
Cutting the primary wide tube into primary narrow tubes 13
Optional clipping of seam allowances 13
On joining narrow tubes/strips 14
Seam shift 15
Edge shift 17
Mass marking of edge shifts on pieced tubes and pieced strips 18
Mass marking of edge shifts on non-pieced strips 20

Further streamlined tricks 23
What to do with primary narrow tubes: some quick projects 23
Simplest cases of joining narrow tubes 24
Doubling the primary tube circumference (or tripling or ...) 26
The multi-tape method 28
Cutting wide tubes into narrow tubes, II 32

General advice on sewing, pressing, measuring, cutting 34
On tubes and rows 34
Organization of pieces 35
Seam allowances, pinning, sewing 37
Measuring lengths 38
Angles 39
Pressing 41
Cuts and slits 43
Strip extensions 44

Chart for keeping track of projects 46

Design elements for tube piecing 47
On formulas and adjusting them 48
Drawing your design, calculating 48
Do you need a calculator? 49
Circumference of primary tubes 50
How many primary narrow tubes in a primary wide tube 50
Number of batches of primary wide tubes 51
Fabric requirements 51
Relation between seam and edge shifts 51
A very brief trigonometry refresher 53

Traditional blocks with tube piecing potential 55

Index 58


Four-patch with enhanced strip piecing and with tube piecing 11
Nine-patch with enhanced strip piecing 20
Nine-patch with tube piecing 27
A possibility with nine-patch design with tube piecing 33
Rail fence and zigzag 35
Rail fence and zigzag, II 40
Courthouse steps 46
Bento boxes, or courthouse steps II 57
Log cabin 59
Log cabin in scrappy version 71
Log cabin look 82
Courthouse spiral with enhanced strip piecing 86
Twenty-five-patch and double Irish chain blocks 93
Woven squares with strip piecing 99
Strip-pieced rows of squares in parallel squares 103
Argyle pattern with strip piecing 106

Index 111


Parallelogram projects 16
All-over diamonds in blue 16
Diamonds in pink and purple 18
A run through many examples, with many modifications 20
Zigzag 34
Hearts and flower buds 40
Tumbling blocks 44
Japanese puzzle 51

Room for vertices: parallelograms and triangles 58
Rows of half parallelograms, i.e., rows of triangles 59
Blue diamond border 60
Rows of parallelograms 63
Framed diamonds: all-over and in rows 66

Parallelogram designs with no vertex gobbling 74
Diamond in a rectangle block 74
Grandmother's pride: Three by three diamonds in a square 83
Two by three diamonds in a parallelogram 92
One by r diamond rows in slanted parallelograms 94
Two by five diamonds in a square 98
Two by four diamonds in a rectangle 102
Chimney sweep 104
Seamless double hourglass block 110
Seamless double hourglass block: different method 112
Seamless triple hourglass block 115

Further projects with parallelograms 117
Rows of four-patch blocks on point 117
Four-patch block on point in a square 119
All-over four-patch blocks on point 125
Indiana puzzle, snail's trail 129
Milky way 132
Rows of squares in squares 135
Rows of squares in diamonds 141

Design elements for parallelograms 154
Slants of rows in an all-over parallelogram design 154
On cutting across secondary wide tubes, and slants 155
Final dimensions of a parallelogram quilt top 159
Choosing the cutting angle \theta across the (secondary) wide tube 159
Cutting angle with specified numbers of wraps 161
More on the trimming down of a parallelogram design 162
Parallelogram construction numbers 163
Symmetric parallelogram construction numbers 166
Parallelogram design with exceptional strip widths: outline 166
Exceptional addition for no vertex gobbling along two sides 169
Instructions for no vertex gobbling along two sides 171
Sewing instructions for no vertex gobbling 174
Exceptional strip width additions for no vertex gobbling 176
Exceptional edge shifts for no vertex gobbling 181
Parallelogram design with no vertex gobbling: drawing 181
Slits and cuts for parallelograms with no vertex gobbling 187
Parallelogram design: edge triangles of different colors 189
Parallelogram design: edge triangles of same color 192
Derivation of the second exceptional parallelogram addition E_2 195
Derivation of the third exceptional parallelogram addition E_3 197

Index 198


Triangles via tube piecing 17
Core steps in the construction of rows and of tubes of triangles 18

Projects with tubes of triangles 20
Construction of tubes of triangles 20
On using tubes of triangles 22
All-over triangles in orange and turquoise 25
Rows of brown triangles from fat quarters 29
Ralli triangles 31
Other color schemes and angle combinations 34
Thousand pyramids with different angles 36
Cupid's darts 41
Hexagons in sixths 46
Hexagons in halves, and something else 50
All-over triangles in diamond and zigzag shapes 54

Flying geese and stars 61
Flights of flying geese 62
Sarah's choice and the evening star blocks 73
Non-symmetric flying geese 80

Rows with even numbers of triangles 81
Construction of rows with an even number of triangles 81
Generalities about rows of half-square triangles 82
Half-square triangles in blocks 85
Half-square triangles in long rows 93
Half-square triangles: all-over design 98
Cut glass dish quilt 100
Lady of the lake 102
Maple leaf blocks 104
Bear's paw 110
Pinwheels (in halves) 112
Pinwheels in rows 114
Diagonal flight 123
Paired peaks 129
Vertical stars 131
Blue triangle border 135
Ocean waves 137
Roman stripes 144
Rows of triangles 153

Design elements for triangles 160
How one triangle is formed 160
Rows of triangles with different angles 162
Pressing for triangle design 162
On the two types of triangle constructions 163
Triangle construction numbers 164
Making more rows, more triangles per row 167
Making fewer but longer rows of triangles (multi-tape sewing) 167
Justification of angled flying geese formulas 169

Index 171


More constructions with triangles 12
Hourglass block overview 12
Rows of hourglass blocks I 13
Hourglass blocks: alternate color scheme 20
Modification of the hourglass row construction 26
Rows of further-triangled hourglass blocks 28
Rows of hourglass blocks and rows of squares 33
Squares of three half-square triangles (or quarters of double pinwheels) 36
Double pinwheels (constructed in halves) 41
Hearts 46
LeMoyne stars with co-stars 49
Intertwined paired peaks 56
Rows of square web blocks on point 61
Multiplay 67
Kaleidoscope 74
Pieced pyramids, one by one 77
Rows of pieced pyramids, two types 82
Multiplay with rows of slanted pieced pyramids 91

Rows with odd numbers of triangles HERE: not tested 95
North wind 96
Half-square triangles of four half-square triangles 97
Half-square triangles of nine half-square triangles 99
Half-square triangles of sixteen half-square triangles 102
Ocean waves, revisited 104
Ocean waves, a version with more triangles 106

Design elements for rows with an odd number of triangles 108
Vocabulary for rows with odd numbers of triangles 108
Design for rows with odd numbers of triangles 110

Index 114

  Tube piecing

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         by Irena Swanson