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The three log-cabin-like design below were inspired by several patterns by Sew Many Creations to advertise various fabric lines for Timeless Treasures. My three quilt tops were made simultaneously with 107 seams total.

Here are photos of some of my projects, all made with tube piecing. The hexagons-in-triangles quilt top was made with 83 seams total, the four columns of flying geese (of 40 + 40 + 30 + 30 flying geese) were made with 34 seams total, and the four-patch quilt of 120 four-patch blocks interspersed with 120 solid squares was made with 50 seams total.

Tube piecing examples

         by Irena Swanson

The colorful triangles in the three-by-three diamond shapes quilt top and the zigzag quilt top in two photos below were made together with 161 seams total. (The second quilt is enlarged.)

The 750 squares in the nine-patch quilt top below were sewn with 97 seams total, the brown-red squares in diamonds (both straight and slanted) were made together with 74 seams total, and the seven LeMoyne stars and the seven deliberate left-over beautiful stars were made together with 105 seams total.  (There are no set-in seams in these LeMoyne stars.)