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Nearest parking to Vollum College Center is in the East Parking Lot.  Parking is free.

Exhibit of my quilts

Fall semester 2016, Reed College

through 12 December 2016

Vollum College Center Lounge

Reception: 7 September 2016, 4pm-6pm

Demonstration of tube piecing:

14 September 2016, 2:30pm-6:30pm.

I will be demonstrating the speed and
efficiency of the method through the making of rows of triangles, of parallelogram rows, of parallelogram tops, and usages of these in various traditional quilt blocks, such as hourglass, log cabin, (double) pinwheel, four-patch on point,
lady of the lake, and variations on these, depending on the interest. Come for part of the time or for the whole period.  I will be running tube piecing demonstrations
with actual creations, as well as showing photos and my developing book.


           by Irena Swanson

          Contact:   irena@tubepiecing.com